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Matt Foreman h??????????????as been involved in Olympic weightlifting since the late 1980s. After beginning his competitive career as a junior athlete in Arizona, he was recruited to join the Calpian Weightlifting Club in Washington in 1993. As a member of the Calpians, coached by the legendary John Thrush, Matt rose through the ranks to become one of the best weightlifters in the United States in the +105 kg weight class, winning medals at top national championship meets for over ten years. Still competitive as a masters athlete, he continues into his third decade as an Olympic weightlifter.

All the years of experience on the platform have given Coach Foreman an uncommon level of skill and understanding in the coaching realm. He has been a coach almost as long as a competitor, producing athletes who have competed at all national championship levels from youth to master, along with teaching countless clinics and seminars. A prolific writer, he has also published three books on the sport of weightlifting, along with hundreds of articles. The following are some of Coach Foreman’s accomplishments and activities in the iron game.

Olympic Weightlifting Coach (since 1991)

Assistant Coach, Northern Arizona University (1990-1992)
Assistant Coach, Calpian Weightlifting Club (1993-2004)
Head Coach, Life Christian Academy (1997-2004)
Associate Coach, Team Arizona (2004-2008)
Associate Coach, Iron Athlete (2015-present)
Head Coach, Core CrossFit Weightlifting (2013-present)
Assistant Competition Coach with Catalyst Athletics (American Open, National Championships, Olympic Trials, 2012-present)

Personal coach of athletes who have competed at the following levels:

Junior National Championships
Senior National Championships
American Open
Youth World Championships
Masters National Championships
American Masters Championships

***Several of Coach Foreman’s athletes have won gold, silver, and bronze medals at these top national competitions.

***In addition to national competition, Coach Foreman has produced dozens of local, state, and regional championships throughout his coaching career.

Olympic Weightlifting Teacher/Lecturer/Writer (since 1991)

Coaching Clinic Director at multiple schools, private gyms, and CrossFit gyms.
Director of Coaching Certification with Iron Athlete, LLC.
Featured Lecturer at the United States Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs.
Published author of three books:
Bones of Iron: Collected Articles on the Life of the Strength Athlete
Olympic Weightlifting for Masters: Training at 30, 40, 50 and Beyond
Olympic Weightlifting Programming for Masters
Featured article contributor in Performance Menu magazine since 2008.
Published author of articles in various other magazines and journals in the fields of Olympic weightlifting, strength training, and track and field.

Political/Administrative Experience in Olympic Weightlifting (since 1994)

Athletes Representative for the State of Washington (1994-2004)
USA Weightlifting Board of Governors Member (1994-2000)
Member-At-Large for Arizona Weightlifting Federation (2016-present)

Educational Certifications

Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary Education (Pacific Lutheran University, 1996)
Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership (Northern Arizona University, 2007)
Certified USA Weightlifting Coach (1994-present)
Certified Iron Athlete Coach (2015-present)

Athletic Experience in Olympic Weightlifting (since 1990)

Two-time Junior National Championship competitor
Four-time University National Championship competitor
Eight-time Senior National Championship competitor
Ten-time American Open competitor
US Olympic Festival competitor
Two-time University National Champion
Five-time American Open medalist
Four-time Senior National Championship medalist
Two-time American Masters Champion
Pan American Masters Championship medalist
National Masters Championship medalist
2004 US Olympic Trials competitor
2000 World University Championship Team USA member
2000 National Team Championship (Calpian Weightlifting Club)

State record holder in Arizona and Washington at the junior, senior, and master levels

Six-time Oregon Classic Champion
Two-time Sea Festival Champion
Western States Champion
Arizona State Champion
Washington State Champion
Southwest Championship Outstanding Lifter Award
Viking Open Outstanding Lifter Award
Oregon Classic Outstanding Lifter Award
Greg Johnson Memorial Award
Sea Festival Outstanding Lifter Award
Peaks Classic Outstanding Lifter Award
American Masters Outstanding Lifter Award

Over 100 competitions in Olympic Weightlifting

Multiple local and regional championship titles

46 official totals over 300 kilograms

Best official lifts:

90 kg class- 120 kg Snatch, 150 kg Clean and Jerk
99 kg class- 135 kg Snatch, 165 kg Clean and Jerk
105 kg class- 142.5 kg Snatch, 175 kg Clean and Jerk
+105 kg class- 155 kg Snatch, 185 kg Clean and Jerk

All results 100% drug-free.

Coach Foreman is one of the few individuals in USA Weightlifting who has both competed and coached on national championship teams. 

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