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Beginner to Intermediate Gymnastics Clinic

This clinic is designed for the athlete fairly new to CrossFit who is looking to learn and develop the fundamental basics of CrossFit Gymnastics movements. During this clinic, we will cover the basic body positions utilized in most of the Gymnastics skills. This will include drills and techniques athletes can practice to strengthen and develop flexibility for better movement standards. Skills we will emphasize and cover are body position drills, strict pull-ups and dips in building strength, kipping and butterfly pull-ups and handstand drills, including instruction on how to assist the handstand hold and recovery out of a handstand.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Advanced Gymnastics Clinic

This clinic is designed for the athlete who has an understanding of the fundamental CrossFit Gymnastics movements. This course is recommended for athletes who can do at least 5 strict pull-ups and dips and has been regularly coming to classes for a year. During this clinic we will touch on the basic movements briefly, but focus more on developing the butterfly pull-up to advance to chest to bar butterfly pull-ups. We will also teach various drills, swings and techniques for perfecting the ring and bar muscle-up and drills for perfecting the handstand position and handstand walking.

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