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Thanks for your interest in Olympic Weightlifting with Iron Athlete.

Iron Athlete is a nationally recognized company that provides education and instruction in a variety of disciplines. By joining Foreman’s Corner as a member, you will have unlimited access to a wide variety of resources and features that Coach Foreman has developed through decades of coaching and training.

Membership Features:


Exercise Library

A comprehensive set of video clips that show you all of the necessary lifts and exercises in Olympic weightlifting, along with ideas for when and how to incorporate these exercises into your training program.


Coaching Lessons

A wide range of short video clips (3-4 min) that guide athletes and coaches through technical pointers, warm-up and preparation exercises, fixing technique errors, competition strategies, and many other important parts of the sport.

Training Programs

Olympic Weightlifting training programs are written by Coach Foreman based on years of coaching hundreds of athletes. All programs are available for members to download and incorporate in their training.

Lift Analysis

We analyze and break down the technique of elite weightlifters to teach members about the complex, fine details of the Snatch and Clean and Jerk. Lift analysis is a great educational tool for athletes and coaches at all levels.


Take a look at these videos of elite competitors performing the lifts in action!


Nicu Vlad (Romania)

185 kg (407 lbs), 1985


Lydia Valentin (Spain)

121 kg (266 lbs), 2014


Stefan Botev (Bulgaria/Australia)

Clean & Jerk
250 kg (551 lbs), 1996


Jenny Arthur (USA)

Clean & Jerk + Snatch
138 kg (308 lbs), 2015

Olympic weightlifting is one of the oldest and most globally popular competitive sports in the world. In addition to the actual Olympic sport itself, weightlifting is incorporated heavily into the strength and conditioning development of athletes in a wide range of other sports, along with being a primary component in all levels of CrossFit.

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