Iron Athlete Coach Charlie Molina Leading a Kettlebell ClinicIron Athlete Coach Charlie Molina Leading a Kettlebell Clinic at East Valley CrossFit

Iron Athlete Kettlebell Clinics with coach Charlie Molina

The Iron Athlete Kettlebell clinic is taught by EVCF’s Kettlebell Club coach Charlie Molina. The clinic focuses on Kettlebell movements commonly practiced in Crossfit Boxes as well as seen in competition. The clinic introduces attendees to proper mechanics to increase efficiency and improve performance with general instruction on movements as well as individual cues and corrections.

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Clinic content includes:

  1. Introduction to the Russian swing and the hip hinge
  2. American swings the standard of competition
  3. Kettlebell press mechanics
  4. Goblet squat
  5. Kettlebell thrusters
  6. Introduction to the Kettlebell sports lifts