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Iron Athlete Rowing Clinics with Kare Williams

The rowing clinic is 3.5 hrs long. It begins with a basic introduction to The Concept 2 Ergometer: foot placement, monitor, calories, meters, damper setting, etc. Then, as the entire class does a 500 meter warm up, I record them to review later. We then cover basic technique, break down the parts of the stroke, rate, rhythm, force, and what good rowing technique is supposed to look like. Next we cover the most common mistakes and learn drills to correct them.

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Once the athletes have an idea of what itʼs supposed to look like we review everyone’s rowing technique together as a group, to start to understand what they need to focus on. The next step is pacing, or “just because youʼre going fast doesnʼt mean that you’re going fast”. We will learn how to pace as well as when and where in the stroke to set your rate. Once we have pacing down, then we get into power. We will do drills to increase power per stroke. Then we play a game that incorporates both power and pacing, or “the slowest most powerful person wins!” After that we learn a few “tricks” and racing starts. At the end of the class is a workout that incorporates common CF exercise with rowing and helps to “cement” your new found technique.

Iron Athlete coach Kare Williams leading a Rowing Clinic at East Valley CrossFit
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