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03Feb 20

A Practical Guide to Hypertrophy

In the most basic terms, Hypertrophy refers to an increase in the size of a muscle. This increase in size is due to multiple factors, the most important of which…

11Jan 19

Pull-up Pyramids

Pull-up Pyramids The Pull-up Pyramid is an effective method for building work capacity and strength in the upper body. I was introduced to pull-up pyramids by Hall of Fame Wrestling…

19Jul 18

Weighted Pull-up & Weighted Dip Workouts

Weighted Pull-ups and Weighted Dip are arguably the most effective exercises for developing functional upper body strength. The following is a brief explanation of several training methods that can be…

09Jul 18

Training Methods Series: Part 7 Circuits

Circuits The term "Circuit" typically refers to a training method including 5-12 exercises, completed in succession with little to no rest. Circuits can be completed by performing a prescribed number…

08Jul 18

Training Methods Series: Part 6 Giant Sets

Giant Sets Complete four or more exercises consectivley with no rest between exercises. Giant sets are typically comprised of exercises focused on a single  muscle group, this differentiates them from…

06Mar 18

6 Time Based Sled Workouts

Previous articles have focused primarily on workouts based on completing prescribed distances. This time, we'll take a look at workouts based on prescribed time domains. Links to Previous Articles: 9…

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