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Iron Athlete Certified Weightlifting Coaches
Iron Athlete Certified Weightlifting Coaches Class of 2015

Congratulations to all of our Iron Athlete Certified Coaches!

It takes a lot of effort and knowledge to become an Iron Athlete Certified coach. Each of these individuals have passed both written and practical exams in their areas of expertise and demonstrated knowledge to the highest standards. Iron Athlete certifications are taken very seriously and can be used to distinguish coaches who have proven their skills within the coaching environment.

Anthony LamannaSeptember2015Weightlifting Coach
Bri PetitSeptember2015Weightlifting CoachEast Valley CrossFit
Curtis FreemanSeptember2015Weightlifting Coach
Ernest ClarkSeptember2015Weightlifting CoachCrossFit 520
Gail LasserreSeptember2015Weightlifting CoachAhwatukee CrossFit
Joel FunkSeptember2015Weightlifting Coach
Jovan WilderSeptember2015Weightlifting Coach
Kare WilliamsSeptember2015Weightlifting CoachCrossFit Purgatory
Marilyn ChychotaSeptember2015Weightlifting CoachEndurance Corner
Nick MendezSeptember2015Weightlifting CoachCrossFit Preferred
Tupac EnriqueSeptember2015Weightlifting CoachCore CrossFit
Selina ConwayJanuary2016Weightlifting Coach
Tawnya FreemanJanuary2016Weightlifting Coach
Brett PlainsJanuary2016Weightlifting CoachCrossFit Now
Nathan WeamerJanuary2016Weightlifting CoachCore CrossFit
Teddy PerezJanuary2016Weightlifting CoachCore CrossFit
Robert PilotonJanuary2016Weightlifting Coach
Brittany MillerJanuary2016Weightlifting Coach
Rebekah VaseyJanuary2016Weightlifting CoachEast Valley CrossFit
Mark HouseJanuary2016Weightlifting Coach
Rusty PaganoJanuary2016Weightlifting Coach
Wilson JeffersonJanuary2016Weightlifting CoachSWAT Fitness
Rosemary BietendorfJanuary2016Weightlifting CoachSWAT Fitness
Eli FoyJanuary2016Weightlifting CoachSWAT Fitness
Spencer FiggeJanuary2016Weightlifting CoachSWAT Fitness
Jeffrey SongJanuary2016Weightlifting CoachTriFIT Wellness
Jennifer O'NeilJanuary2016Weightlifting Coach
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