Iron Athlete Nutrition Coach Kelli Michelle Coaching a CllinicCoach Kelli Michelle teaching an Eating for Performance Clinic

Iron Athlete offers Nutrition Clinics, and Macro Nutrient Coaching Certifications

Eating for Performance Clinic

This is a 2 hour clinic on flexible dieting and eating for performance.  This clinic will cover calculating your macronutrient specific caloric needs for performance, weight loss and maintaining or building a better strength base. It is very important where you’re calories are coming from in terms of macro nutrient needs.

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Most people do not understand how to balance macro nutrients so that they can achieve their goal.

When you calculate macros it ensures that you will be getting the proper amount of calories from each macronutrient in order to fuel the body for performance, fat loss, maintenance or strength gains. Let’s face it everyone wants to be esthetic, tracking your macros is one of the best ways to have strength, lean mass and esthetics over time.  Science-based nutrition experts have used this method of tracking for decades. Most recently publicity has come from the “flexible dieting” website of if it fits your macros for acronym IIFYM.

Athletes and general population weight management clients enjoy the flexible dieting concept because it does allow you to eat a balance of foods as long as you’re hitting your daily macro goes depending on your specific needs. You do not have to eat haphazardly or without caring concern for healthy foods you do however have to have variety in order to sustain a nutrition plan. Without variety are not likely to stay on board for long.

If you cannot see yourself doing a certain plan for more than six months without struggling it is probably not the right plan for you. We will briefly discuss supplements —  the good the bad and ugly ” waste of money.” We will also discuss pre-workout and post workout nutrition what do we need what is the best for recovery and performance as well as weight management.

Why should you track your macros?

  1. Consistency and Sustainability
  2. You do not have to label foods as good, bad or dirty foods anymore or talk about “cheat meals ” because you will have something that you enjoy every day just as long as you are hitting your macro nutrient goals/needs.
  3. You will not feel deprived
  4. How do you improve performance if you do not know what you’re doing wrong?

Just like training if you do not track what you’re doing how do you know what you need to improve upon?

We will also briefly discuss sleep and “recovery nutrition.”  We will address how they work hand-in-hand and why should you try to rest in the 90 minute sleep cycle. Find out how it works and learn how to calculate macros, interpret your weekly data and adjust accordingly to keep moving toward your goal with Kelli Michelle.

Macro Coaching Certification

Do you want to learn the coaching methods to Macronutrient Designation? Does it really matter where your calories come from when it comes to sport performance and weight loss?

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Who would most benefit from this course?

Anyone who is a gym owner, trainer, wellness coach or person wanting basic knowledge about how to assign or designate the proper macro ratios to a certain person’s nutrition plan?

This seminar will be filled with learning and doing. The seminar is to train coaches to coach other people effectively with “Flexible Dieting” and Macro tracking.

What can you expect to learn?

LEARN how to designate macronutrient tracking percentages or nutrient goals for general population fat loss, beginner – intermediate and top-performing athletes.

LEARN how to help people really see sustainable weight loss/ fat loss and strength gains. Learn to Reverse diet and Bulk without adding needless body fat.

LEARN how to analyze “Weekly Data” and make appropriate modifications for continuing clients in order to fit their new macronutrient needs each week.

LEARN what is in the scope of the Macro-Coach professions and what is not.

What do you need to bring to the clinic?

Calculator, notepad, pen/pencil and the stats of one individual who you have the following information: The persons age, height, weight and goal.

Please have the person track food for 5-7 days as well and write down their average caloric intake. This will be used in data assessment and collection process. We will use all of this information above in the mock macronutrient designation portion of the clinic.

The clinic will last 2 hours and will be followed by a brief question and answer period.