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Matt Foreman Coaching a Weightlifting Clinic

A veteran Olympic weightlifting coach and athlete with twenty-five years of experience at the national level. He works with a wide range of athletes, from basic beginners all the way to international competitors.

Squats and Espresso did an interview with Matt Foreman. Listen in and learn more!

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 Olympic Weightlifting For Masters by Matt ForemanOlympic Weightlifting For Masters

Matt Foreman covers everything you need to know for learning the lifts and training as a master, from brand-new lifters who have discovered the sport later in life.

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 Bones of Iron Collected Articles on the Life of a Strength AthleteBones of Iron

Bones of Iron is a collection of articles that appeared in the Performance Menu journal between 2008 and 2011 along with a few new pieces of material.

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Education and Certifications

Competitive Weightlifter
   Since 1988
Two-time National Collegiate Champion
Five-time American Open medalist
Four-time Senior National medalist
US Olympic Trials
   Competitor 2004
World University Championship
   Competitor 2000
National Team Champion
   Calpian Weightlifting Club – 2000
Two-time American Masters Champion
USAW Certified Coach
   Produced multiple National Championship competitors and medalists
High School National Powerlifting Champion
   Coached several State and National powerlifting champions
Olympic Weightlifting Coach/Seminar Speaker
   Speaks at multiple CrossFit facilities
Writer for Catalyst Athletics
   Bones of Iron
   Olympic Weightlifting for Masters
USAW Board of Governors
   Former Member
Iron Athlete Certified Weightlifting Coach

Matt Foreman

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