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Training Methods Series: Part 1 Cumulative Sets

Cumulative Sets

Select a weight that you can complete for 8-12 reps, in good form and at a controlled tempo.

Begin the workout by completing one rep at your selected weight, followed by a :10 rest. Next, complete 2 reps followed by a :10 rest. The third set is 3 reps followed by a :10 rest. Use the same weight on all sets.

Continue in this fashion until you are unable to complete the prescribed number of reps.

1 Chest Press
(rest :10)
2 Chest Press
(rest :10)
3 Chest Press
(rest :10)
4 Chest Press
(rest :10)
5 Chest Press
(rest :10)
6 Chest Press
(rest :10)
7 Chest Press
(rest :10)
8 Chest Press
(rest :10)
…continue until unable to complete prescribed reps.

The Rep Count:
Completing the set of 8 is 36 total reps.
Completing the set of 10 is 55 total reps.
Completing the set of 12 is 78 total reps.

How To Progress:
Use the same weight until you are able to complete 12 reps. Once you have successfully completed 12 reps, increase the weight for the next workout. Continue with the new weight until able to complete 12 reps


August Schmidt

-Bachelor of Science, Auburn University 1997
-Master of Education, Northern Arizona University 2005

-USA Weightlifting Club Coach 2001
-CrossFit Level 1 Instructor 2009

-USA Weightlifting National Coach 2012
-EVCF Regional Team Coach 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017,2018
-EVCF CrossFit Games Team Coach 2014
-Coach CrossFit Games Masters Athlete (Bruce Briggs) 2018
-Masters National Record Holder: Snatch 130kg & Total 287kg (105kg 40-44)

-5 x American Masters Weightlifting Champion
-5 x American Masters – Best Lifter (2 x 35-39yrs, 3 x 40-44yrs)
-3 x Masters Nationals Weightlifting Runner-up
-President of Arizona Weightlifting Federation – LWC 48, 2016-current


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