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Training Methods Series: Part 7 Circuits


The term “Circuit” typically refers to a training method including 5-12 exercises, completed in succession with little to no rest.

Circuits can be completed by performing a prescribed number of reps with each exercise for a predetermined number of rounds, prescribed time intervals or in an AMRAP fashion (as many reps as possible).

There are several benefits to this type of training; efficiency (address multiple fitness needs simultaneously), metabolic conditioning and sport specific conditioning. 

Circuits can be structured in many ways, depending on purpose. Several examples of structure include:
-Upper Body
-Lower Body
-Total Body
-Alternating Between Push and Pull
-Compounding (focused on a single muscle group or movement pattern)
-Mixed Modality (combining resistance training, monostructural conditioning or plyometrics)

“Barbell Circuit”

6 rounds for time:
8 Deadlift
8 Bent Row
8 Hang Power Clean
8 Thruster
8 Goodmorning
8 Single-Leg Squat
(rest 1:00 between rounds)

“Gymnastics Intervals”
3 rounds for total reps:

:30 Pull-up
:30 Rest
:30 Handstand Push-up
:30 Rest
:30 Ring Row
:30 Rest
:30 Push-up

“CrossFit Benchmark: Cindy”
AMRAP 20:00

5 Pull-up
10 Push-up
15 Air Squat

“French Method”
3 rounds:

:10 Isometric 1/4 Squat
(Rest :30) 
5 Vertical Jump
(Rest 1:00)
3 Back Squat at 80% 1RM
(Rest 1:30)
5 Hurdle Jump
(Rest 3:00 between rounds)

“Arthor Jones Style H.I.T. Circuit”
Each exercise to failure. No rest between exercises.
15-20 Leg Extension
15-20 Back Squat
8-12 Pullover
8-12 Shoulder Press
8-12 Supinated Pulldown
8-12 Chest Press
8-12 Barbell Curl
8-12 Triceps Extension
8-12 Wrist Curl

Circuits can be structured many ways to serve a variety of purposes.  They can also provide a challenging variation to training.

August Schmidt

-Bachelor of Science, Auburn University 1997
-Master of Education, Northern Arizona University 2005

-USA Weightlifting Club Coach 2001
-CrossFit Level 1 Instructor 2009

-USA Weightlifting National Coach 2012
-EVCF Regional Team Coach 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017,2018
-EVCF CrossFit Games Team Coach 2014
-Coach CrossFit Games Masters Athlete (Bruce Briggs) 2018
-Masters National Record Holder: Snatch 130kg & Total 287kg (105kg 40-44)

-5 x American Masters Weightlifting Champion
-5 x American Masters – Best Lifter (2 x 35-39yrs, 3 x 40-44yrs)
-3 x Masters Nationals Weightlifting Runner-up
-President of Arizona Weightlifting Federation – LWC 48, 2016-current


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