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Iron Athlete Elijah EZ Muhammad Climbs a rope at the CrossFit Regional Competition

Meet Iron Athlete Elijah “EZ” Muhammad

Name: Elijah M. Muhammad
Age: 26
Height/Weight: 6’0”
Current City: Muscle Shoals, AL
Gym: HiTemp Athletics
Job: Performance Enhancement Coach

Tell us about your athletic background and how you got into CrossFit:

I played basketball in high school and college—for South Suburban Junior College and Tennessee Tech University. In 2010, my college strength coach introduced me to CrossFit at CrossFit Faith in Cookeville, TN.

When you first decided to become an individual CrossFit competitor, how did you go about identifying and addressing your athletic weaknesses?

I went individual because I wanted to take my fate into my own hands. I didn’t want to lose, so I attacked one weakness at a time until I wasn’t last amongst my fellow competitors and the people I trained with. For example, a glaring weakness of mine was pistols. I did them constantly and gave myself penalties if I did not accomplish the task at hand. I’m doing the same thing now with handstand push-ups.

Can you give us a brief overview of your current training schedule? How many hours do you train per day/per week?

Morning: Row Intervals, Oly Lift, Strength

Mid-day: AMRAP, partner round for round, EMOM

Evening: EMOM, 3 rounds of something fast, Strength

You mentioned that Rich Froning was your training partner. I’m sure many readers would love to hear a bit about what it’s like to train with the 3x Games champ. Would you mind sharing a bit about that?

That was an unbelievable experience. I can talk about that for days, so all I’m going to say is I’m his training partner. That’s my brother and there is no one that I have seen that can beat him! PERIOD! #teamfroning

Do you follow any specific diet?

I have a guy at my gym, Jason Box. He has helped me a lot with my eating better and taking supplements consistently. He cooks my meals every week and it allows me to fuel my body much better to sustain the beating I’m putting on it. He cooks steak, chicken breast, sweet potato, broccoli, and that’s basically it. Not counting calories or anything like that. Jason is a big fan of supplements, and I wasn’t. But he convinced me to try them, and told me that they would allow me to increase volume. And he was right. They work, and I can feel the difference.

Do you do anything in particular to facilitate recovery on rest days?

I don’t program rest days; I listen to my wife. Lol. But no. I love what I do, and just so happens I do it every day!

I heard that you just signed with the NPFL’s New York Rhinos—congratulations! Can you talk a little bit about the NPFL events and how they compare to CrossFit competitions?

Man, I am stoked about being a part of the Rhinos. The movements are similar to those of CrossFit. As far as the competition aspect, I see no big difference. Competition is competition. The big part about the NPFL is that you’ve got someone to back you up and a coach that holds you accountable for your efforts and faults. In CrossFit, I have no coach, and I hold myself accountable.

What about the NPFL appealed to you, and what do you think will attract fans to “human performance racing”?  

Man, I’m a point guard! As a basketball player, I am the general the leader on the floor. I love the team aspect! It gets me FIRED UP! The bonds you build with people and just knowing that someone is counting on you. As far as the fans, they will love it. It’s fast and exciting. It’s like watching basketball and seeing fast break after fast break. 3 on 2 breaks and slam dunk after slam dunk!

What’s your favorite hobby outside of CrossFit?

I just love playing basketball when I get the free time—or just finding some way to test my fitness. Besides that, playing with my kids is probably the only hobby I really have! I seem to learn a lot from my daughter!

What are your current training goals?

Training goals… I just want to be in the best possible shape so that when my daughter asks me to do something fitness-wise, I will never let her down! I will be prepared. My short term goal for now is The CrossFit Games.


Where do people go to find and follow you? 

Instagram: elijahezmuhammad

Facebook: Elijah Muhammad

Twitter EZMuhammad 


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