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Elijah Muhammad Interview

Iron Athlete Coach August Schmidt Interviews CrossFit Games Athlete Elijah Muhammad
July 29, 2017

Elijah “EZ” Muhammad CrossFit Games Individual Competitor 2015, 2017

First, congratulations on qualifying for another trip to the CrossFit Games! Thank you for taking the time to speak with me. In this interview, I’d like to go into several topics, focusing on things for which you seem to have uniquely successful approaches.

Q: To begin, over the years, I’ve witnessed the kindness that you show everyone with whom you interact. Is this something that you’ve always done, or did you develop this as you gained recognition and met more people?

A: I have always been that way. I love interacting with others and learning about people’s experiences, as well as sharing my own. Kindness is central to how I want people to treat me and my family so I try to make everyone feel welcome and important.

Q: How have you avoided the pitfalls of egotism?

A: That’s easy—put others before yourself. I have always lived by this, and now that I have a family it is much easier to do. They give me reason to never focus on me and never become “into myself.”

Q: You’re known for having a “significant appetite for training.” How did you develop your approach to training and how has it evolved over the years? Do you anticipate future changes in your training?

A: I learned from training with Froning, so I developed the high-volume approach. As I grew older in the sport, though, and as my family grew, I learned that this was no longer suitable for me. So I basically learned through experience and knowledge of my body as I grew older and wiser in the sport.

This past year, my preparation was drastically different. I focused on my weaknesses—”ALL OF THEM”— and put together a program based on bettering those movements.

In the future, I will do whatever is necessary to continue improving as an athlete, husband, and father. If changing my training is needed, I will do so. This is why I program for myself.

Q: How can people gain access to your training knowledge and coaching?

A: I offer online programming on my website I also teach a weightlifting/athlete seminar that can be booked through my website.

Q: Finally, what advice do you have for younger competitors as they develop their training methodologies?

A: As you’re coming up in the sport, find a strong support system and solid programming. Train as hard as possible—fun or not, it’s all about the goals you set for yourself. Get after it!

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