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Iron Athlete Video Interview with Sean Waxman

As an athlete, Sean Waxman is a national medal winner and five-time California State weightlifting champion. As a coach, he has an educational background in kinesiology, biomechanics, and exercise science. In 25 years of coaching, Sean has developed more than a dozen national-level weightlifters including six national medalists, one national champion, a Pan Am Championship team member, a World Championship team qualifier, and has coached top CrossFit Regionals and Games athletes.


1:10-   When Sean got started in weightlifting

6:15-   How his background in biomechanics informs his approach to coaching and weightlifting

12:30- Athletes who transition from CrossFit to weightlifting

17:18-  Waxman’s Coaches Certification Course

21:15-  Coaching higher-level athletes

26:25- Developing confidence in athletes, careful weight selection, and rarely missing lifts

30:23- What Sean is working on now

32:53- How to get ahold of Sean

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