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Iron Athlete Brett Peiffer is an elite young weightlifter

Meet Iron Athlete Team Member Bret Pfieffer

Age: 16 years old
Height/Weight: 5’ 8”; 62kg (136.4lbs)
Current City: Charleston, IL
Competition PRs: 88kg (193.6lb) Snatch; 108kg (237.6lb) Clean and Jerk

Tell us a bit about your athletic background and what brought you to Olympic weightlifting

I was a pretty good football player, so I took up weightlifting to help me get stronger. After my first day at the weightlifting gym, however, I didn’t want to quit. I loved the sport immediately, and I quickly found a community within it. I’ve made so many friends through weightlifting that I never would’ve known without the sport.

You already have a list of impressive achievements for such a young age—what are you most proud of thus far in your lifting career?

I am most proud of being given the chance to compete at Senior Nationals in Dallas, TX. 

What (or who) do you think has been especially helpful in your development as an athlete?

My family has been the most crucial part of my career development. They provide me with constant support in every sense—including helping get me to meets!

What was your first international meet, and what was that experience like? 

My first meet was in Mexico. There, I met Anthony Pomponio, who has been influential for me ever since. The meet was a lot of fun and a great learning experience. Competitions are so different from training situations, and I learned that I needed to deal with unfamiliar environments and equipment. As a competitor, you need to always be on your toes, to be able to work in distracting circumstances or with bars that don’t spin well, etc.

How did you become a part of the Iron Athlete team?

Anthony and Alex told me to speak with August, who welcomed me to the team.

What are you goals for the future—short term or long term?

My biggest goal is to be part of the 2020 Olympic team.

What are your other interests outside of weightlifting?

Mostly playing with my cat, Bae (yes, that’s his real name)

Where can people go to find you? [websites, social media, etc]

Instagram: @bret1233

Facebook: Bret Pfeiffer

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