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Chad Vaughn, Programmer For The Iron Athlete Weightlifting Clinic Certification Competing

Interview with Chad Vaughn: Olympian, Coach, Lead Developer for the CrossFit Advanced Weightlifting Trainer’s Course

What brought you to the sport of weightlifting, and can you talk a bit about your early years in training? I played football throughout junior high and high school. In my sophomore year, a young coach joined our school, and…

Weightlifting Coach Les Simonton Competing

Getting Technical: Behind the Scenes of Weightlifting Competitions with Coach Les Simonton

Les Simonton began competing as a weightlifter in 1984. During his career, he participated in the 1996, 1997, and 1999 American Open, fifteen National Masters Championship Competitions, and nine World Masters Championship Competitions. He became a USAW National Coach in…

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