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Training Methods Series: Part 3 Supersets


To perform a Superset, begin by selecting two exercises that work antagonistic (opposing) muscle groups. Move from one exrecise to the next with no rest.

Supersets can be used to increase overall training intensity by performing more work in less time.

Pairing antagonistic muscle groups vs protagonists, greatly reduces the effects of fatigue on the second exercise, thus allowing for quality work on both movements.


3-5 sets:
Each exercise to failure. No rest between exercises.
5 Weighted Chin-up
5 Weighted Dip
(rest 1:30 between sets)

3-5 sets:
Each exercise to failure. No rest between exercises.
8 Bench Press
8 Biceps Curl
(rest 1:30 between rounds)

For time:
Thruster 95/65

Pairing two exercises can be broadly refered to as a “couplet”. Superset refers specificly to pairing oposing muscles or muscle groups. (push/pull)

August Schmidt

-Bachelor of Science, Auburn University 1997
-Master of Education, Northern Arizona University 2005

-USA Weightlifting Club Coach 2001
-CrossFit Level 1 Instructor 2009

-USA Weightlifting National Coach 2012
-EVCF Regional Team Coach 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017,2018
-EVCF CrossFit Games Team Coach 2014
-Coach CrossFit Games Masters Athlete (Bruce Briggs) 2018
-Masters National Record Holder: Snatch 130kg & Total 287kg (105kg 40-44)

-5 x American Masters Weightlifting Champion
-5 x American Masters – Best Lifter (2 x 35-39yrs, 3 x 40-44yrs)
-3 x Masters Nationals Weightlifting Runner-up
-President of Arizona Weightlifting Federation – LWC 48, 2016-current

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